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We had the first child-related issue this afternoon, at least concerning Freckles. Middle is the one that we always knew was going to be the issue, and it turns out that she is.

The kids got home from school today and Freckles, as is starting to become our routine, had them get started on their homework and chores. Middle decided to test the boundaries today and instead she went straight for the computer and started playing a game. Freckles reacted well and within the parameters that we have discussed should something like this happen. She asked her twice nicely to turn off the computer and on the third time she just walked up and shut the power off. A temper tantrum followed containing liberal quantities of "You aren't my mom" and "I don't have to listen to you." This was dealt with when Curls got home. Two weeks grounded from the computer seems to have brought the point home. All of the kids have been reminded that they, in fact, DO have to listen to Freckles.

Middle is over it. If anything, it is Freckles that has had the hardest part getting through with this. She was rattled more than I had really expected her to be. I may have mentioned this, but I'm not sure... Freckles has anxiety problems and gets overwhelmed when things don't go according to plan fairly easily. She had a little bit of a cry and told Curls that she felt that this made her a failure in standing in as a parental figure. Curls pointed out the absurdity of this, and told her that if this isn't the first time this will happen... the first of a thousand, MAYBE.

At first she seemed a little offended, thinking we were laughing at her. We had to explain that this is pretty much normal. It's not going to just be her, all three of them are going to go through this as some point in the future (though probably not with anywhere near the same frequency.)

Despite the speed bump in the day, we discussed and started putting together our plans for vacation this summer. As a family we are going to go on a Disney cruise. We have already priced it out and plan on finalizing the reservations next week. (are we horrible people for getting the big suite with a balcony for ourselves and the much less impressive interior room for the kids? Maybe? Eh... they will survive)
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