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Default Anniversary

Tomorrow will be 21 years for GG and I. we have rotated through a variety of roles with each other. Some repeatedly. Friends, best friends, fwb, lovers, a couple, coparents, roommates...
I don't know exactly what label fits right now.
A couple, yes.
Lovers, no.
Friends, always.
Roommates, yes.
Coparents, yes.

But certainly there is room for improvement. We have been so disconnected this last year it leaves those who know us personally somewhat breathless with shock.
Still; there is love and a shared history. There are still children to raise and bills to pay.
But with all that binds our lives together, we are like kites that may be tied to the same post and yet are being drive. By different winds. Winds that seem to be maniacally pulling and twisting, no longer in unison and yet not always apart, sometimes slamming into one another unexpectedly and then just as suddenly blown so far apart we are practically invisible to each other.

At any rate; 21 years of weathering such storms is worth acknowledgement.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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