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A type of problem could be culled from some blog or another, for example, and brought to this thread for discussion. Of course details should be changed and/or generalized first -- or better still, if you can get permission from the person who wrote the blog. The blog board is something of a sanctuary; it is supposed to be safe/protected from judgment/criticism. But some bloggers would probably be willing to have parts of their story analyzed here. I know I'd be willing to have any part of my blog analyzed here, and I can answer questions about it too.

But even if reading the blogs is all one does, there is still much to be learned just by digesting the narratives. You can even use advanced search to find keywords or tags just in the blog board. This way you could zero in on specific types of problems you might have in mind.

And the Poly Relationships Corner will talk about many specific problems people have had or are having, with a more vigorous discussion about what they should or should not do. Again you could generalize the subject surrounding a particular problem, and present that generalization here for further discussion. Since that's not a blog board it might be okay to quote from it without permission, but just for courtesy's sake I'd still recommend getting permission to quote.

But again, the mere act of reading a poly/relationship thread is a new bit of enlightenment. You can add questions or comments to whatever thread you're reading, too. Just go easy on the bloggers in their blog threads, whereas you can discuss things more vigorously in the relationships corner.

Learning by example is usually the best way to learn, in my experience. So that's why I mention the blog board; it is the very definition of example-based lessons, I think.
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