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Question Insurance while in school?

Originally Posted by stevie View Post
Of course, the reason he will need health insurance is he is wanting to enter a demanding school program that will not allow him to work enough hours to qualify for work health insurance anymore, or even really enough to pay all his bills, but will virtually guarantee a job that pays enough to end this problem forever in a field that he is passionate about. If I can help support him, to some degree financially and with health insurance, for 2 years, then maybe we can break out of this cycle. If you had the opportunity to do that for your partner, wouldn't you want to?
Sure, phrased like that. The question is how Pink fits into this, since that description didn't mention _another_ partner at all. I'll play devil's advocate and ask - if you were already married to Pink, and this opportunity to help Blue with insurance came up, would you be willing to divorce Pink in order to be able to marry Blue and provide him with insurance?

There's one thing I'm curious about. More years ago than I care to think about, when I was in graduate school, the school provided insurance. Has Blue looked into what the demanding school program would provide in the way of insurance?

BTW, I'm not trying to argue you out of anything.



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