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I got 2 group texts from Prof this morning.
I misunderstood it at first. Ms Text is going into hospice care. I took it to mean rehab and that she was getting ready to go home. He said last week he was going up there cause she was heading home.
Then the second text, he is taking a leave of absence from work to be with her. Then the penny dropped, hospice not rehab, the end must be fairly close.
I can't believe how fast it has come, she was only diagnosed in October.
It took me about an hour to reply, text seems so wrong for this type of thing, but I decided calling was not the right thing either. If he wanted to talk he would have called. A very simple, "My thoughts are with you both."
Me: mid 40s female.
Prof: late 50s. 5+ years. On again, off again lover
Mr PoD: early 50s. Meet recently. Kinky Dom
Mr Dom: early 50s . Ex BF and now good friend.
Eeyore: early 50s. FWB for 3+ years.
Mr Chef: late 30s. occasional FB?
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