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I supported my fiance though my transition. I didn't tell him he wasn't enough and expect him to lovingly support my replacing or supplementing him. It's hurtful. If we wants to add that's one thing. Substitute is another. He's saying it's his needs for me. He doesn't want to be with anyone ect ect ect. I'm poly because I have the ability to love more than one person. I'm not trying to substitute anyone. Just because I'm poly doesn't mean that I'm okay with having a fill in. Just because I'm poly doesn't mean that being told that I'm not fulfilling what he needs from me specifically hurts any less. Like I said if we were mono he wouldn't ask for someone else because "I'm not fulfilling his needs." So why is it okay because I am. He will have more time when he moves here. Time is his need not sex. He's scared it won't be enough and this is the solution he came up with. And besides all of this, if he is poly don't I deserve the support as well? We are new to this and I've focused all of my time on their issues and their insecurities. I haven't had a chance to work on my own. And also there has been alot of turbulence recently. I have been hurt badly and I have been needing time to get myself right again not only in both my relationships, but just myself as well. I've given support. Is it so wrong of me to ask for the same. Does me being poly make me need support any less?

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