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I'm so pissed. A few days ago, Shane and I made plans to see each other early this evening, but when I texted him this afternoon to tell him I was finishing work soon, he texted back: "Will try to ditch the Russians" (his houseguests.) Then, an hour later, "Can't make it today."

No apology. No regret. No asking to reschedule. I gave no reply.

I detest flakiness, it hurts my feelings. I looked forward to our date all week. If I hadn't already slept with him, and liked it, I would just place him on my pay-no-mind list and be done with him, but now that I actually had his penis inside me, I feel sort of INVESTED. I guess he isn't as excited to explore this thing between us as I thought he was. He sure gave a good impression of someone who wanted to spend more time with me, but actions speak louder than words. I don't want to get involved with someone who is not excited about me. I feel like a strong, sane woman would cut bait at this point, but dating as a 40-something married woman, pickings are slim. I shouldn't be surprised that I attract people who only want casual relationships, but it's frustrating. I need to figure out what I'll say next time he contacts me. Or if I should just let silence do the trick. Or if I'm overreacting. Such a bummer.
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