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I went on a first date last week! It was fun. He's interesting, kind, funny, and totally my type personality-wise (physically I don't really have a type, although he's tall which I like). The down side? He is connected to Doomed through a girlfriend who is also dating him (or used to date? Not really up to date there and I tried to tune out his yammering). Damn. Not that that would totally kill it for me, if we had acknowledged the connection and moved on BUT he kept fucking talking about it! I mean, really. I mention how horrible of an experience the ending of that relationship was for me. How I didn't date for months because of it. So, OF COURSE, you should keep talking about the person who broke my heart for 15 minutes on our first date! Riiiight. So, I told him that I had no desire to discuss him or his primary partner (who new guy actually has a similar opinion about) because it just drudges up painful memories and emotions. We change the topic, and it's fine-ish again. It was kind of late at that point, and I had to work the next morning so I had to go home not TOO long after that.

The next day he texts me.... and fucking mentions Doomed AGAIN! I mean, seriously. The way to a girl's heart (or panties, whatever his goal is) is most definitely not bringing up her ex who she asked you not to talk about.

So, that's going nowhere. There were other negatives about his situation, so this was just the last nail in the coffin of any sort of friendship or relationship.

I think I'm going to hold off on dating again for a while. Enjoy Hubby and focus on adjusting to the changes going on since he and Lady are making a go of it again. Continue hanging out with Boy and feeling weird at how strange he is behaving these days but mostly enjoying our time together. Maybe focus on trying to make some more friends again. Friends that actually have time and motivation to get out and do stuff.

Life goes on.
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