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Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
I am on a longer and more aggressive course of antibiotics and on a very strong cough suppressant/expectorant that is apparently a sedative, too. It leaves a lingering metal taste for hours. When everything tastes like metal, it is not exactly pleasant. Nasty side effects vs. not coughing up a lung...oh joy.
Sympathies! Whatever this junk is, it seems to go around twice and then linger forever. I too am still trying to cough up a lung 2 months later, but luckily no wheezing. I'm on double doses of sinus/allergy meds with a nasty nasal spray that makes everything taste like metal also. It's frustrating to see no end in sight. I wonder what it will be like to taste things normally again?

Have a good trip, get lots of rest.
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