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Originally Posted by graviton View Post
I don't understand why you can do the kink with your boyfriend but not your husband
Right now my husband and I are having other issues. He's been unemployed for quite some time, and because my contract for my own employment is up in a year and a half, wondering how we're going to continue on is very stressful and scary.

In addition, while I normally wouldn't have a problem with being the breadwinner indefinitely, in my opinion, the fact that I'm also covering expenses for a son he does not have with me further complicates things.

Because of those factors, and my apparent inability to completely separate sex from life, reality from fantasty, etc. I find it near impossible to submit to him in that way.

Trust and respect are the issues we are having, specifically with regard to supporting our children. Until those issues are resolved, those are needs of his that must be met elsewhere, perhaps with someone who's children do not rely upon him.
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