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Just got back from spending another night at John's house. That's made three nights this week, so H jokingly asked if I still live here. I know him well enough to recognize that it's bothering him a little. I'm going to make sure to spend some time with him the next few days and make sure that he knows he is my priority and tone things back a bit. I've got an overnight planned with John on Thursday but won't see him until then. H leaves again next week until pretty much the beginning of June, so I want to spend time with him while I can. I think he gets to come home for 4-5 days at one point but not much.

At any rate, I've got to sit down and talk to him and make sure we're still okay. This is the first visible sign that I'm letting NRE affect things and I don't want to let it get too far out of hand. It just seems so much easier at the time to stay over than to grab a taxi to go home (and cheaper, too). The good news is that with H being gone for the next month is hopefully I can work some of the NRE out of my system. John will be visiting at least, which is nice, since my going out will be limited.

Last night was a lot of fun. We went to his sister's house because she was throwing a party for the Game of Thrones premiere. I got to meet a lot of his friends and be introduced as his girlfriend. I'm not sure how many people noticed my wedding rings, but I did make a comment about my husband at one point and got a visible reaction so maybe they didn't notice. His sister and brother in law are poly too, so I didn't think it was a big deal.

I really enjoyed him sitting on the ground in front of my chair and rubbing my feet while we watched the show, and bringing me snacks and drinks. The hot tub was a bit crowded afterwards so it's good that not everyone stayed! Every available seat (and some laps!) was taken!

Right now I'm just feeling really, really happy.
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