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So, the questions I need answers to are:
- How could I put Pink’s feelings about a potential future marriage to me one day in the future over an immediate need of Blue’s, a need that I am able to and happy to fill?

- How can I reassure Pink that legal marriage to someone else won’t change how I feel about her?

- How can I make her feel like an equal partner if I go sign a binding legal document with someone else?

- How is there any solution to this problem, ever, for anyone with more than one eligible, life-entangled partner? If I want to get married at all, ever, I'd have to choose...

-Is there a third option here that I’m not seeing?

You just do. I don't know how you convince anyone of feelings, except by consistently showing behavior that matches your words. If I married another partner, I would never feel like my other partners were less; nor, would they feel lesser.

Don't know how else to put it....
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