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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Yep. It would be just as objectifying to look for a cis-gendered woman just because she's cis-gendered, and not for her personal qualities as a human being. Clearly you missed the point.

I'm ready to be proven wrong, if you're able to provide a non-objectifying reason why adding a trans woman just because she's trans is not tokenism?

Every trans person I know, just wants to be accepted as a person, seen as their chosen gender, and not treated like some kind of freak show who exists solely for your entertainment.
I'm not missing the point at all; however you've jumped to a conclusion with any questioning whatsoever. I'm not just going to jump on the 1st trans woman that shows interest. Of course, the inside is more important to me than the outside. Everyone has qualities and traits that they would like for their mate to have and like everyone else, so do I. There are qualities/traits in the potential mate that they are seeking, I just happen to be seeking those qualities in a trans woman. By your logic, any other person that is looking for a mate of a specific gender is "gross". If you'd just simply ask rather than charge at me on your high horse, you would've figure that out... And for the record, I am simultaneously seeking cis gendered mates, but didn't say because it's not entirely relevant to the conversation.
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