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Originally Posted by loveartist View Post
I'm having a similar issue with my own husband.

He and I used to do the dom/sub thing, but because of other issues we were/are having, I had to stop.

Now that I'm experimenting with that with a new partner, he wants it back, and it's not something I can do for him, so I've made it clear that it's a need he will have to fill elsewhere.

Unfortunately it isn't that simple in your situation, because he's not into that at all, but still feels left out.

I'm not sure there's an easy fix there, but I hope it all works out. Sometimes people just need time to work out their feelings and get back to normal on their own, and there isn't much you can do until they resolve it themselves.

Every relationship is different, whether it's kink or the way you talk or the way you make love. Do you think this might have come up with or without the spanking thing?
I don't understand why you can do the kink with your boyfriend but not your husband
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