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Originally Posted by DaCoda View Post
I also have decided that as of right now I agree with the theory that it is ok to keep news about poly quiet until a first date.
There are two issues that come to mind.

First would be honesty. I personally see no honesty conflicts with waiting to disclose something until you meet someone. Your life is your business and no one has a "right" to know things about you. But some people disagree with that, and it can raise potential conflicts. People can feel misled. My personal response to that is "tough poop" but just letting you know what to expect...

Second would be using your time and energy efficiently. I would anticipate that upon learning you're not single, a lot of people would lose interest immediately. Myself, I'd prefer to get that out of the way and save the time and energy of going out for coffee with someone who's not really available to me.
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