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I m new to poly/open marriage. I seem to enjoy flirting more now than before. Most know that I am married. Some women flirt back as well. All in fun. Some of the women in my circle know I have an open marriage now... It did seem to change the friendships... Not necessarily for the better...being married, i think they saw me as "safe" It just may be my imagination.

So, I enjoy having female friends. I am taking things slow. I am not after a ONS... I want to wait for the right person, the right chemistry, and have that certain connection...One that may be around a while...That may not happen the way I would like...I can enjoy their company even though nothing develops...

What I am discovering is that I don't have enough time for another relationship...especially one who wants to spend alot of time with me...being a family man, mono or poly, I think a woman would have a hard time with that...
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