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As long as we understand that many things that could count as rape under that definition are not illegal.

I've heard the argument that people who have lied to someone and consent for sex was based on this false information should be liable for rape charges. That means if someone who is married went out and hooked up with a person by lying about their marital status, they'd be a rapist. It also could mean the poly people who would hook up with someone without explicitely confirming their marital status could be a rapist if the person strongly felt their omission was pivotal in the giving of consent.

I do not support the idea of people being able withdraw consent in this way. I'm not saying the married person isn't a jerk, but that isn't rape.
This idea of rape being anything that forces or manipulating someone into a level of intimacy they are uncomfortable with isn't that far removed from supporting the withdrawal of consent for sex after the fact. That's why I think it's extremely important that anyone using the word "rape" in any context that isn't explicitely the illegal act of having sex with someone against their will should be concise about this distinction both in their minds and in their actions. Ie don't make a police report or join a rape survivors group because someone was a bit over familiar.
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