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Re (from london):
"The desire for non monogamy is already seen as pathological by many, so it's not just 'single mum,' it's 'crazy nymphomaniac single mum whose baby daddy had a lucky escape seeks new victim(s) to help her fuck up her kid.'"

Re (from Magdlyn):
"Yes, let's summarize what poly is all about from the example of *one* triad shown on a sensationalizing TV show!"
Jenny Erikson's a wee bit paranoid, methinks.

"Ugh, I hate the idea in the media that poly is all about MFF triads!"
An idea that spreads like wildfire ...

Re (from KerryRen):
"It is one way poly is done, sure, but show enough of it and the general population will construe that is the only way to do poly, IMHO."
They will and do so construe. I believe it's related to the rash of UH's we get.
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