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Oy! Don't bang your head, he's not worth the bruise you'll get!

In a radical shift for OKCupid, I got a GREAT message this morning! Thoughtful, charming, and respectful, and he obviously read my profile. BUT... and there is a but... he told me quite honestly that he is full up on partners and not looking for anymore. He just wrote to acknowledge me "from across the crowded room," as he put it. Damn! Didn't have time to read his profile (will do that tonight), and he lives far away, but I wrote back and thanked him, and asked if we could continue conversing. I rarely find rational, good-looking, and eloquent poly people on OKC in my area, so I'd love to strike up a friendship, even if only online. Maybe he'll be okay with that.

Oh well, back to the salt mines...
The world opens up... when you do.

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