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Ugh, I hate the idea in the media that poly is all about MFF triads! That's just more patriarchal bullshit. Of course, the male in the TV show has "2 wives." Of course the wife's other lover is seen as someone "on the side." Since that "lesbian" isn't also fucking the guy, she must be just a piece on the side!
The MFF+ thing is something that bothers me about media portrayals of poly lately. Frequently I'm seeing in the Mormon context, but it shows up in other situations too.

It is one way poly is done, sure, but show enough of it and the general population will construe that is the only way to do poly, IMHO. I'm happy to see poly portrayed -- it was hardly findable outside of SF/F when I was struggling with my first triad -- but there's more to it than the MFF V or Mormon plural marriages and others aspects should be shown.
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