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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Jenny Erikson doesn't seem to be considering that how involved an adult is in a child's life can (should) be proportionate to how committed that adult is to staying in the child's life. Just someone Mom or Dad are dating for the next few months? presumably won't become anything more than an acquaintance to the child.
Aw heck, I've been with Auto for over 2 years and we have no plans of going anywhere soon, but I'm still not even the slightest bit involved in a parental role with her kids, nor will I ever be.

Partners don't usually move in and begin acting as surrogate parents without intending to stick around for a while.

Not to mention, how many single parents move in with a partner without any marriage commitment, and then how often do those relationships fail?

Allowing people to parent your children without an explicit long term commitment isn't a poly issue, it's a modern parenting issue. Monos botch it just as often as polys.
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