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In and of itself I agree with you Morning-
BUT the girlfriend AS a girlfriend has a responsibility to promote a relationship between herself and the COUPLE.
She's NOT friends with KT.

Now-don't get me wrong (I am the poly one in my marriage) I'm not saying that the wife (KT) doesn't ALSO have that responsibility.
In fact I have talked some about that previously.

I'm just saying that the gf FIRST has a responsibility to build and become friends with the wife before she can expect to be introduced "as a friend of the family".
Right now she's NOT a friend of the family.

I have a boyfriend and a husband. Neither of them have anyone else at this point. But our boundary list clearly agrees that a new S.O. MUST take the time to build a relationship with us. There's no way they are going to be introduced as a friend of the family if they aren't ACTUALLY a friend of the family.

THAT SAID-personally I don't care. If my husband took a girlfriend to a family gathering, I just don't give a shit and I just don't give a shit what the family thinks either.
BUT that's me.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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