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Not much new and exciting, but sometimes it's the little stuff that matters. I've been spending at least a couple of nights a week with J and we're still enjoying each other's company. I'm actually starting to enjoy sleeping cuddled up in his arms. I know I get poorer quality sleep because I wake up very easily, but I still like the way it feels.

We finally had PIV the other night. We woke up in the middle of the night hungry for each other. Kind of crazy, I've read about it in books but it had never happened to me. We fooled around and kissed and talked through fantasies, and he actually got hard enough to get his cock inside me. He didn't cum and he was still on the softer side so it wasn't that intense, but it felt so good to have his lips on mine while his cock was inside me. I needed that.
Me: 34 yrs, poly pansexual Dominant female.
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Henry, 30yrs, my collared submissive, cohabitating. Currently no other partners.
Kiddo, my 6 year old son
Mark/StbxH, my exhusband of ten years, finally divorced.
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