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Not much going on. I have pneumonia again. I found out after about five days of feeling bloody horrible. My symptoms are quite similar when I have a cold or allergy/sinus issues, so I was not overly concerned until I started sounding like a wheezing dragon. How the hell did this happen again? I literally just had it in January/February. My GP suggested seeing someone who specialises in pulmonology as a precaution. Physically, I feel fine, but I will be getting checked out because in almost 34 years of life, I had never had pneumonia. Twice in a short span? I am inclined to believe there is an underlying cause. (I am trying not to let my mind think of worst case scenarios.) I am on a longer and more aggressive course of antibiotics and on a very strong cough suppressant/expectorant that is apparently a sedative, too. It leaves a lingering metal taste for hours. When everything tastes like metal, it is not exactly pleasant. Nasty side effects vs. not coughing up a lung...oh joy. It has been a bottle of surprises of most unwelcome kind. I took a dose last night, and it was a struggle to keep my eyes open or lift my head. Eventually, I just fell out and did not wake up for hours. Nonetheless, I am good spirits and taking it easy. The good news is I had already started my holiday to coincide with their term breaks, so I was not forced to scramble because of work.

We are departing for the UK in a bit under an hour. I will have plenty of time to rest over the next couple of weeks. I was given clearance (and two additional injections in my hip) to make the trip. We are not due to return here until the evening before Easter Sunday. Resting adequately is mandatory, so when we get to London/Weybridge, GP's orders will be followed. I hope everyone is doing well.
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