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This thread makes me sad. I read the OP and thought, OMG, this is completely how I feel! Slightly different degrees of what happened, but same feelings, from "I love x so much and I love my spouse too" to "I can see this working for us, if only I had said something from the very beginning..." to "we stopped communication and it's so painful".

I was rooting for good news and happy endings the whole tume. I was sad to read the final "I won't it."

I am persoanlly hoping for a different ending...or an ending that could be different in the future should the same feelings be returned again. I'm fearful it will never work, but I have to try or it will never have a chance. I don't have anything left to lose.

Me: 39, female, identified as both bi and poly Spring 2014, married with younger kids, actively dating
J: 40, male, also actively dating
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