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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
Yes!~ ^_^

But I would just be happy if only 1 of us had to use the toilet and the other or others stayed by that one's side holding some part of them like their leg, arm, hand, shoulder, etc.~

That is the kind of intimacy I want.~
Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
How ever they would handle it would be up to them, the point is we would be together always in every sense.~

We wouldn't "complete" each other, we wouldn't "fulfill" each other, we are already "whole".~

I don't want some one(s) who "needs" me, I want some one(s) who "wants" me.~
To my POV, your first statement contradict your last ones. A constant desire for constant touch speaks to deep-seated needs, an unfulfilled psychological itch that requires scratching -- or serious self-examination, to find root cause.

My children need me. Even as old as they are, they are not ready to survive in this world on their own with their current skillsets, physical, intellectual, or emotional.

My husband, my boyfriend.... I don't need them. I can and have lived without either of them in my life for long periods of time. But I want them in my life. I have made active choices to have them there. I believe they have done and will continue to do the same. I know they can both manage on their own without me -- indeed, without anyone at all. There are situations that can make our wants for each other feel like a need; recent NRE makes my wanting feel like a need. My husband's recent health problems probably makes him feel like he needs me at times. But circumstances change; choice remains.

Without the independence, I would have to question the choices.

Again, IMHO only.
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