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Originally Posted by jeffanddannie View Post
in my case, my family is very religious and I do care what my mom thinks, she loves my wife and comes over for holidays and we are all very happy. but when my brother was dateing a girl while he was married ( though he was cheating) she found out and tore into him and they didnt talk for years. they are fine now, but I dont want that drama so for me it seems easier to not let her know. so then it comes back to telling the kids.... if I tell them, she will find out. she may find out later down the line anyways im aware. its a rock and a hard place for me lol
My kids, ages 3 (doesn't understand), 8 & 16 know. Never once did we tell them to not tell anyone. When we visit the in-laws, my son has not once ran to my mother-in-law to tell her "my dad has a girlfriend". Why not? We never said "don't tell" and so after the talk(s) my 8 year old never thought about it. The teen...she knows her grandma well enough so if she needs to discuss her views, she brings them to me.
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