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Default Long Term Poly Relationship Goals?

Hi every one ..want to do a little self analysis?

I often wonder what individual goals are in the development of polyamorous relationships. I mean what the individual expectations are for the long haul.

Are you looking for a specific structure such as Quad, triad or V.
Are you looking for numerous secondaries without a desire for forming a life long primary relationship?
Are you looking for polyfidelity in a family integrated level relationship within a specific structure?
Do you want to be a secondary to others?

These are all questions that have answers that may evolve as we change as individuals but what about your expectations today?

Although I am monogamous, I love being in a supportive role as a secondary to Redpepper and her husband. I get to help them grow closer as a family and am committed to the love I have with Redpepper in a spousal sense (if I can be so bold).

My goal is simple: become an even greater positive to Redpepper, her husband and her family while giving her all the love I have...make her happy and share everything with her and support her in being fulfilled...become a life long integrated part of her family. I have my needs to do this, which are identified and very freeing.

Lots of love for everyone, Mono.

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