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Default Can this work? Sane cycles


I just need I little advice about our threesome.

Here is a super brief history
  • my wife is a 9 I am a 6
  • 13 years ago my wife started an online relationship with another guy
  • This guy is a 7 hour flight away from us
  • I found out about this guy 4 years ago
  • my wife confessed that she is in love with him and has attempted to visit him a couple of times
  • This guy is twice as "big" as me
  • After a few discussions I agreed to let him visit him twice a year, they have been meeting ever since.

So far so kinda good, we all just met up she stayed with him for 8 days and I stayed for 4 and we have amazing threesomes and it felt natural and we all felt respected and loved. It was a very comfortable experience and her guy and I actually found out we get along very well.

It would almost be a perfect scenario except my wife has a really some really bad cycles with this guy. Leading up to their meeting the two of them sext like crazy and she get so hot and horny and we have a good time. Then she spends a week with him serviceing his every desire. Then they both go home and she expects the same attention from him but he pulls away from her, she becomes desperate and depressed, then she withdraws from everything including me and our family.

I have tried talking to her, it makes no difference she is so obsessed with him, she becomes jealous and suspicious. She refuses to talk to anyone because she is worried that they will tell her she can not see him anymore.

In the meantime our relationship pays the price, nothing can cure her until he comes back to her.

We are so close to having something perfect, but I can not go through this cycle many times more. What should I do? Any advice please
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