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Originally Posted by tinylove View Post
I think a lot of it for me is I feel older than 27 since I was married at 16. So even though I know I am young I guess I feel older. I have been through so much enough to fill a whole lifetime.
I know that feeling. It took a long time to feel like GG and I were on the same "playing field".
He's only a year younger than me, turned 34 today in fact.
But when we met-he was 16 going on 17. I had just turned 18. But he'd never been on a date. I had a 2 year old! He still lived at home, I'd been on my own since 14. He quit school at 8th grade, I had graduated and started college classes.

It really did make a huge difference and it took years before we seemed to be on the same page age-wise.
Now we do (well I feel that way, I don't think he always does).

At the same time, I'm only 35. YES I WROTE ONLY and while I can look back on my 20s and remember thinking OMG that person is sooooooo young. There are still times I look at people's lives and think OMG I am SO GLAD I'm still so YOUNG.
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