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Yeah, I wondered about that, just that need for a feeling of more privacy. Yes, own room and we have a big, big house. Still, as a stay at home dad with two little ones, "me time" is needed.

I really liked the earlier comments relating to just being kind of overstimulated, needing his own space after giving his all the whole day. This really resonated for me.

We didn't enter into cohab lightly. I don't think that wanting to be poly is enough reason to actually take the step, and I don't think that any mix of people can live together easily and happily even if they love each other. What we have is pretty awesome. Hearing some different perspectives on what I shared has been super helpful to me. It's helped me see how lucky we are that we really do get along so well, have such a happy family dynamic, and communicate well.

I think at this point what I need to do is continue to communicate, listen to what he says and believe it - that's what trust IS - and just give things time. He has put himself and his ego aside to care for his kids, and this part of him is something I value greatly, respect greatly. He is an amazing Dad. Doing this might cause challenges, and have some prices that go along with it. Helping each other move through different phases of life, being there to support one another... that is what families are for.

Thanks all.
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