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Originally Posted by Morningglory629 View Post
Little confused here. BTW I like blunt. Who is being brainless? And what isn't functional? Is the gf trying to be a friend and being shutout because of insecurities? One more question, the process of coming out has to start somewhere, correct? How does that start once the SOs are aware of it and accepting to a degree? Someone has to meet someone's family or friends? Is a year a significant amount of time? Two? HELP!
There is no one time frame.
We were open with everyone within a couple weeks-seriously.
Some people are NEVER open. I have friends who've had an open relationship for over 2 years-no one from their "real life" knows still.

What I was saying is brainless is that the girlfriend is pushing to meet the boyfriends family/friends (as his girlfriend) but she hasn't put the time in to ACTUALLY get to know his wife.
That to me (as the poly-motivator in my V) is jumping the gun. FIRST you gotta get some settled security within the primary family dynamic (by this I don't mean "primary" in poly-I mean primary as in not in laws/siblings etc) THEN you go on to external friends and family.

Also-if for example my husband never wants to tell his mother-which is HIGHLY likely-then we won't. That's not GG's place to push.
IF GG doesn't want to deal with his parents-which he likely will end up doing-then we will but not until HE makes thatchoices. It's not Maca's place to push.
Nor is it my place AS THE GIRLFRIEND TO GG to push him to introduce me to anyone.

I CAN however ask him why, if, when. But I need to respect his choices.

I am blunt-so I look forward to getting to meet you.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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