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Originally Posted by Lilysmile1 View Post
I have been telling myself to be patient, be patient because I just love him so, so much. We have so many reasons to be happy together as a little family. But... where did my lover go? :'(

I know none of you are mind readers (darn!) but if you have some insight to share I would be very open to hearing it. Thanks!
When NRE wears off, that often changes the dynamic of a relationship. Usually that's when people make the decision to do hard work to maintain their relationship, or alternatively, choose to end it.

It seems to me that you've moved out of the "lover" dynamic and into the "family" dynamic. Having kids, taking care of them, changes things a lot as I'm sure you've already experienced. Have to ask, however, if this is your lover's first experience as a parent? Or as a SAHD? It's a job that you can only learn as you go. If he's worked outside all his life, having parenting become his primary job can be a head-trip -- not a bad one, mind you, but there's a period of mental adjustment. Length varies depending on the person.

And taking care of children, even older ones, can leave one feeling over-loved at times. Emotionally drained even while emotionally satisfied, overloaded on tactile sensations.

Maybe he needs a day off to recharge. Or maybe just to get away from it all to feel romantic/erotic again -- being around children can be inhibiting.

Just some thoughts.
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