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Originally Posted by Eponine View Post
I can be terribly quiet and awkward in front of someone I don't know well.
Me too. And that's why I like to meet in person. I'll explain.

Every person I've ever had a successful relationship with, we've just "clicked" from square one. Even though I'm awkward, shy, and introverted... when I met Auto, we talked and talked for several hours at our first coffee, which we had after only a couple messages to establish basic interest. I just instantly felt comfortable with her, like I could be myself. We talked about ourselves, our families, our other relationships, and at no moment was there the slightest hint of awkwardness. Our first coffee went so well, we planned another and another, and eventually she asked me out on an "official" date. We've been together for over 2 years now.

When I met Gralson, it was pretty much the same thing. We met in person at a fetish ball, and we mostly hung out in groups the first few times. But when we did get together one-on-one, the conversation was so smooth and easy.

Meanwhile, I've met tons of people online where we "connected" really well in chat, but then the moment we sit down it's all "so, uhh... yeah... so... uhm..." And it never picked up from there.

So for me, that's how I can tell within minutes whether I connect with someone in person. If there's something there, it will just click right away, with no effort whatsoever, and we'll connect on every level that matters. But even intellectually, I can connect with someone online and then try to discuss the exact same topics in person, and it's just... crickets.
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