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Hubby was joking about how he couldn't see the difference between what Boy and I do and dating. Boy apparently agrees. So, we had to have a talk about how it's fine and dandy if he considers us "dating" or "in a relationship" or whatever, as long as he knows I have no expectations or needs of him. Neither of us have been in a space to consider the future, although I think I am getting more and more capable of figuring out what it is that I want from this point forward. I enjoy his company and that's that. Ever since, Boy has been ridiculously sweet, used a spare toothbrush I had then was all "I could just leave it here..." after saying he was going to take it home, and seemed really excited when I said that that is fine. His toothbrush, his choice.

Hubby and Lady are dating again - after I suggested an alternative to what they had been doing/thinking last time they tried it. I think it'll work out okay, for a while at least. Long enough to let us all figure out if it's feasible long-term, when life isn't as hectic. Keeping it casual for now with the intent to re-evaluate how the relationship dynamic will work once hubby is no longer a full-time student and hopefully has a job he is more satisfied in.

I have a first date tomorrow with a guy I've been talking to from OKC. He lives about an hour and a half away, has two girlfriends (doesn't cohabit with either and only has the occasional overnight), and... Yeah, that's about it. We read the same books, find similar things amusing, it could be the beginning of a good friendship and who knows what. We'll see how it goes IRL.

I am going to go clean my house now! It's pretty well clear of the mess made at the part, but it needs scrubbed!
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