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Ms Text has been in the hospital for nearly a week. I didn't know. She is "not well at all." Prof actually stayed with me on Monday night, which is very unusual, he slept from 10:30 pm to 8:30 am. He woke up a little when I got my shoes to leave but went back to sleep. This is man who usually sleeps 5 hours or less a night. During the evening I asked him a few times if he was ok, he was almost hyperactive, a little wild eyed and being overly joky and teasing. The word I thought at the time was "brittle" ready to crack. Now I know why.
He came round for a little over an hour yesterday evening as he was going to MS Text's doctor. We had some hard fast sex, and I gave him a massage for nearly an hour. He said that was "his hour" for the week. He will be working and staying in the city until next week and is hoping Ms Text will be released in the next day or so.
It is hard for me to know what is ok to ask. I generally don't ask as I feel it is her very personal business and I know she doesn't like me, so it would follow that she doesn't want me to know her medical issues too. It would helps me to understand where Prof is at mentally if I know how she is doing.
We met briefly on Tuesday for a very late lunch hour. I got him great with an April Fool's trick and he wanted to meet. I was trying to plan a short break trip which he was keen on the idea but wouldn't commit to. Lots of vague, "I will have to see, and I can't plan for 2 weeks away" or " we should stay very close to the area". Knowing Ms Text was in hospital meant I wouldn't have asked in the first place. I will explain this to him, maybe he thought I knew.
I had a fun night with Joe on Saturday, the show was great. We came back to mine and had some ho-hum sex but cuddled and kissed till 2:30am. We have plans for Friday night, and I am looking forward to seeing him. Interesting to see if we can match up sex styles. At least there are no ED issues so far.
I got Kip with my April Fool's joke too. I said I had got a job in Dubai, had 30 days to pack up and leave and would he take the guinea pig? He didn't even bother to reply by IM but picked up the phone and first thing he said was "I'll miss you." I continued to wind him up for 5 minutes before I told him. He said he knew it was April Fool's day but didn't put 2 and 2 together. hahaha. I got him goooood.
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