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Default "Always Together" Finding Some One Who Means It

I don't know how many other people want this.

I want us to be together because we want to, not because we need to.

I don't know if we will decide to take different paths in life separately or together.

When we are together, I want to "always be together" in every way: every moment together, always touching, always cuddling, when we sleep we snuggle, when we eat we share each other's food, we bathe together, we are always touching in some way and we even are with each other on the toilet two or more toilets and bidets side by side preferred.

If I do make a connection with some one or some ones: this is the kind of relationship(s) I want.

Is this a quality I can find in some one else before dating, to develop during dating over time with strengthening of an intimate relationship(s), or it some what a combination of both?

Is this harder to find or to make with some one in or from the U.S.A.?

Would it be easier in other countries?

Does any one else have experiences or helpful input to share?
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