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Originally Posted by DaCoda View Post
What is the conversion rate on mono to poly for those of you that have tried to approach of just plain fell for mono people?
Well, I'm mono and my partner fell for me (and he's poly), but I don't think of myself as converted. Unless my slow descent into agnosticism has anything to do with it.

Are you just looking for a rate of success in finding a mono person to date/be in a relationship with a poly person? I'm not sure if that data exists.
Dramatis personae:
Me: Mono. Divorced, two kids (DanceGirl, 14; and PokéGirl, 11), two cats, one house, many projects.
Chops: My partner. Poly. In relationships with me, Xena, and Noa.
Xena: Poly. In relationships with Chops and Noa, and dating others.
Noa: Married, Poly. In relationships with Chops and Xena (individually).

Blog thread: A Mono's Journey Into Poly-Land (or, "Aw hell, there's no road map?!")
Slightly more polished blog with a mono/poly focus: From Baltic to Boardwalk
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