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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
For me, direct emails wouldn't work until after we exchange messages through OKC (or whatever other site at which we "met") for a bit. I will not give out my personal contact info to anyone until after a few weeks of exchanges that give me at least some small sense of who they are. And then I do have one email address I use for that. But once we get rolling and after we meet, I do prefer emails over other forms, if we can't get together in person.
Yeah, by emails I also meant other time-lapse forms of communication, mainly messaging on various websites. I usually exchange messages for a few weeks before moving to emails as well. For me the most important thing is having enough time to write an email/message at my own pace. I don't need fast responses, and I'll be uncomfortable if the other person pushes for IM, phone, or texting.
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