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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I hate phone calls as well. But unlike some of you, I also really dislike face to face. I'm most comfortable in IMs, then texts, then emails. After that, face to face and then phone.

Now, if I'm in a serious relationship with someone, chances are I'm comfortable enough with them to enjoy spending time face-to-face. But that will have required a lot of IM communication to get to that point.
If it's about getting to know someone, I don't like face to face very much either. I can be terribly quiet and awkward in front of someone I don't know well. I couldn't do the "Hey, you seem interesting. Let's meet for coffee tomorrow!" in online dating (but I've given up on online dating now). I don't need face-to-face meeting to determine "chemistry". The only kind of chemistry I understand is intellectual chemistry, which I can tell from talking online.

In the getting-to-know-you stage, I prefer emails over everything else. If the other person hates emails, chances are we won't get along well. From my experience, preferred communication method does reveal some important aspects of one's personality.
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