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Originally Posted by Kokomoguy View Post
Hi I am a married (currently separated) man. I have been married for 13 years. Until a few days ago I didn't even realize polyamory was a thing! Never came across it. Anyway I found it interesting to read a post somewhere about "coming out" and how it was a situation that caused some level of anxiety, and something clicked for me! You see I have lived with nameless gnawing for many many years! I could relate instantly with what the writer had said. I find it so very difficult to understand only loving one person with the most fascinating form of love that we share!
I have to admit for years I have engaged in physical relationships with a number of others and the few that over the years we have regularly spent time together have become beloved parts of my life.
So I guess my inquiry is this: Is my situation similar to anyone else's? Am I way off on what polyamory is?
Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for responding
I say in my personal opinion: polyamory is what you and those involved define it as.

The basic definition is: more than 2 people involved in a loving way with each other and with complete knowledge of this. The difference between this and monogamy is only: there are more than 2 people involved and knowing of it.

The rest is up to you and those involved.

You don't have to even 'call' it "polyamory" as I do not think that many "couples" call their relationship "monogamy". It is simply a reference for many.

Glad to help, if you have any more questions feel free to ask: that is what this forum is for.
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