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First, remember that it's okay to feel jealous or envious. It's natural. Next, be honest with your hubby. Anticipating sexy time then having it given to someone else can be hurtful. I would advise finding a calm way to tell your husband that 1) you are envious that they can have sexy moments without interruption, 2) you would like time where you don't have to worry about interruption, and 3) when you do get interrupted and expect time with him that you would appreciate it if he didn't make other plans. It is okay to ask him to limit texting to anyone during family time, not just her. You will have ups and downs. You realky want to try to look at each trigger to determine why it bothers you. Is it just trying to adjust to sharing, or are some needs not being met? Which needs? Are they things you can take care of yourself, or needs hubby needs to help you meet? Questioning yourself is good. But when your husband asks if you are okay, be honest with him. It will never work if you hide instead. Good luck!
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