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Originally Posted by Momof4 View Post
He asked me if I was jealous, and I told him "no that it's just typical that we get interrupted, but I'm fine."

how do I get over this jealousy I'm feeling about him texting her while he's with his family and the fact that she can be intimate with him whenever she wants, however she wants.
Tell him the truth when he asks you. I know it's not always the best time to have that discussion, but admit that yes, you're feeling hurt, jealous, envious, whatever, and then talk about it. Right now, he's asking - he seems to be trying - and you're telling him 'no'.

I was envious as hell of Chops and Xena's relationship while he was unemployed for a time... I was working long hours of OT, my kids weren't yet at the point where they'd have been comfortable with him staying at the house on the weekend, and I was seeing all sorts of hikes, bicycle rides, etc. plastered all over Facebook because they had time together. I talked about it. We had some hairy conversations, but we talked.

Don't make him ferret out what you're really thinking by giving him attitude, and don't expect him to read minds. Be honest, even if you're feeling miserable. Then you have a shot in hell of addressing the problem and not skirting around it.
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