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Unhappy How to get over the "jealousy"

I'm pretty new to the lifestyle. If you've seen my introduction post, you know that I just recently agreed to the "open marriage" idea and have allowed my husband to get a girlfriend. I'm still sorting through feelings, and seeing where I fit in this whole situation.

Yesterday while out shopping for bras for me (which I consider a pretty intimate thing) he was texting her the whole time. Hey whatever, we get home and he and I are in the bedroom talking and we start getting intimate. I start giving him a blowjob and in the middle of it our kids (we have 4) start banging on our door and yelling for us. We obviously stop, and I go and deal with the kids. I admit I was giving him a little bit of an attitude and he asked what was wrong. I said "I bet that doesn't happen over there" and he says "no it sure doesn't" (She doesn't have any kids).

I mean obviously this isn't the first time we've been "interrupted", and that is par for the course with kids (especially with 4, and one of them young enough to still wake at night).

While at our son's sports practice last night (he's a coach) I see him on his phone and I know he's texting her.

He asked me if I was jealous, and I told him "no that it's just typical that we get interrupted, but I'm fine."

He has told me he plans on being with her tonight after our son's sport game and he's going to leave straight from the game and be home really late. He's told me the interruption doesn't bother him, and that we'll finish another time. But in the mean time he's with her not having the kids around.

I know the relationship is still "new", so they're in the goo goo gah gah stage, but how do I get over this jealousy I'm feeling about him texting her while he's with his family and the fact that she can be intimate with him whenever she wants, however she wants.

*sigh* I'm trying....I really am!
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