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I meant to reply to your post on the Alabama post earlier and forgot. My memory is not my strong point. lol

Alabama can be a tough state for anyone outside the norm. The whole darn place is the Bible Belt. I've lived here all my life and just accept it as it is. I'm in the closet as far as work is concerned and will stay that way. I'm a remote employee, so it's a lot easier than it would normally be. Leo is very outgoing and open about everything in the world so between that and wanting to keep my friends from trying to run him over if they see him with another woman, I'm out in my community. It's not always easy. He's the one actively dating and a lot of women think he's cheating. He actively encourages his interests to talk to me to keep everything above board. Small towns are even more difficult. If you don't intend on dating locally, I suggest saving flirting with local women until they know you well and know it's all in good fun. Unless you plan to open a tattoo parlor, it will make life as a business owner a lot easier to keep a good reputation in the local community.
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