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Originally Posted by DaCoda View Post
I find that they then wind up learning that I have a finacee and either, thinking I'm trying to cheat, or thinking I'm just an overly flirty guy that means well.

What are some expiriences you have had with enjoying a person and not being able to further you relationship because they were not happy with the idea of poly?

Do you find it best to just avoid obviously mono people? Does this not drastically reduce the pool of potential friends?
Well, you probably want to avoid mono people for dating. It can work, but it never seems to be worth the trouble, from my outsider's perspective. So of course that reduces your pool of potential partners.

However, there seems to be some contradiction in your question. If you really are just looking at monos as potential friends, doesn't that make "just an overly flirty guy that means well" a fairly accurate description?

If you're enjoying a person, then just enjoy them without putting expectations on how the relationship will develop. However, if you're not enjoying "just friends" then perhaps look into a different dating pool.
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