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That is a wonderful place to be in your life, to be able to live that honestly. I live between two cities, one larger and more liberal than then other. In Florence, AL all my friends and any girls I meet know I'm newly poly. However, Double Springs is tiny. The largest building is the church. My family lives here and I live with them, including adolescent brothers, for free. So, I am not rocking the boat by coming out as poly. They would just call it a "phase" anyways. This happens to also be the community I hope to open a business in within a year. It is why I moved here. I can't afford to be blackballed in the first city I go into business in. So, when talking to DS girls I keep it quiet. I wouldn't even seek out a local girl, but a couple have caught my eye. I mean. I'm fine with friendship. I'm not less interested in a woman because I can't sleep with her. It is just an ironic time in my life to beembrace my new lifestyle choice.

It kinda sucks. I just had a great phone conversation with a wonderful woman. I'm hoping to at least be friends, but I can't enjoy the post connection jittets of a new relationship potential because I have this worry that she will not even be friendly. I did make the decision of tactfilly mentioning my fiancée so that I can not be conceived as miss leading her.
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