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Florence/Double Springs

I'm more like a poly poser at this point. That is to say I am a member of a couple that is polyamorus, but we do not tell out parents, post it on out public Facebooks, and I have not started to date. We have talked about this for a year, and only commited recently. I'm amazed to even find people from Alabama. I currently am living in Double Springs for about a year and a half, but I claim Florence as my home and go there about once every week or two to see my finacee.

It would be awesome to meet more people in this area. It starts to feel hopeless around here. Every time I meet a cool woman she winds up being Baptist, or at the very least, socially aware of the small town we live in. Does anyone else find that this is a difficult place to be polyamorus? Don't get me wrong. I support people's right to religious freedom. I'm just saying that dating an engaged man would generally contradict the attitude of my local.

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