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Originally Posted by EugenePoet View Post
Maybe anticipating her coming home happy and excited and wanting to share it all with you?
Yeah, that's it. She and I talked about it while she was setting the date (I even did some of the texting for her, transcribing her speech to text because she was driving for part of it -- I also gave her a few clever quips and hooks to use in her conversation with him ) and I made sure to impart to her how excited I was and how she should tell me as much as she's comfortable telling me when I pick her up. I really hope this turns out awesome. She really needs it. She's at a point where there's nothing I can do to recharge her, she needs a new, outside influence. A new friend. A new lover.

And I can only hope that she turns some of that energy around and puts it back into our relationship, because there are many issues sitting on ice that need to be addressed (though most of the big ones are out of the way, I have a few details I want to wrap up so I can make our relationship tight again).

I wish today was tomorrow. The waiting is killing me.

They'll be going to the park with a blanket to make out and, "you know, whatever." I think we all know what *he* has in mind. My wife and I certainly do.
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