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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
And there's debates about what "hurts" somebody else. A lot of people think same-sex marriage would hurt them and their family (by eroding the society they live in, to put it succinctly). A less-charged example would be if I decided I wanted to paint my house orange and purple, and my neighbor argued that it would hurt him first of all because his eyes would be hurt, and secondly because it would affect property values.

So a line has to be drawn where you say, "Sorry buddy, but that's not enough so-called 'hurt' to give you special rights over another person's freedom."
I see some of those arguments as status quo arguments. Bullies will often justify the suffering they cause, but anything which erodes their ability to cause suffering - or worse, things which make them have to endure suffering - is suddenly the biggest, worst thing in the world!

I see the same thing going on here. People who would like to continue to mock, harm, and deride homosexuality want to defend their privilege to do so. When homosexuality is validated by law, that further erodes their legitimacy when they attack homosexuality.

People did the same thing with racial issues. When equality and other ideas entered the mainstream consciousness it suddenly became unpopular to use derogatory terms against black Americans.

Yet there are people who still exist today who harbor a simmering resentment against black people and those who champion equality.
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